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 Stirring the Church for the Harvest! 

Dear Friends of Tim Sutton Ministries International,

We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website!  We are excited about our ministry to stir the church for the harvest and get believers beyond the four walls of the church into the streets.  We are expecting souls.  Believe with us as we take Jesus to the church, the streets, and the nations!  Jesus said, "Go ye to all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

Let's get going!  Please take some time to browse through our site, check out the pictures, sign up for regular email updates/newsletters, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

Tim and Gwen Sutton

GOD Do it Again.  Last Year God moved! From Mardi Gras to Mexico, outreach in the streets, biker rallies with the Chariots of Light in Myrtle Beach, and Sturgis, SD.  Ministry to the Homeless at our local Triad Dream Center, nursing Homes, and outreach in local apartments.  Ministry in and outreach in churches and ministry in Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.  Varied opportunities came but always and God brought results! In all over 6,000 souls were touched for Jesus!  Hallelujah!  Please check out our 2014 Annual report on our ministry bio page.  GOD Do it again!  This year we are already seeing miracles! Soon we leave again and we are headed to Alabama to minister in churches, ministries, and minister in the streets in Mobile, AL at Mardi Gras. Check out our travel page on the website!  GOD Do it Again!  In March comes Daytona, FL bike rallies again this year with Chariots of Light!  We will also head to Sturgis again later this year.  In March we head to Texas to teach our school of evangelism and train the church to head to the streets to fish for men!  We also believe we will be doing more overseas ministry to be announced.  Please pray for us as we take Jesus to the streets, the churches, and the nations!  Our God is Awesome!   We are expecting the power of God to fall in the streets, and in the church this year!  It is time for miracles and manifestations! Pray for us as we help others CATCH FIRE for souls! (Check out pictures below)  We are expecting thousands to be saved, touched, and delivered this year!

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