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 Teaching CD's 

God Speaks Fish (2 part series)
Order# CD 025 & 30

God will do whatever it takes to speak to you in your time of need.  He will speak e
ven when you are in the belly of a fish! Cost of $12.00 includes shipping.

Stagger Not at His Promises!
Order# CD 022
What are you facing?  Abraham believed in spite of having a 100 year old wife.  God will honor his word for you, too!  He cannot lie! Cost of $6.00 includes shipping

Face to Face Fellowship
Order# CD 024

You must spend time in the presence of God to be refreshed.  Are you enjoying face to face fellowship? The times of refreshing will come in the presence of Jesus.  Cost of $6.00 includes shipping.

Who You Gonna Call?  Recession Busters! Order# CD 031
God does not participate in recession and you don't have to either!  Discover keys to victory in troubled times. Cost of $6.00 includes shipping.

Surviving Perilous Times (3 part series)
Order# CD Series 033

Cost of $18.00 includes shipping

Feeding on the Faithfulness of God
Order# CD 011

In the midst of attacks?  God is faithful!  He delivered you before and He will do it again! Cost of $6.00 includes shipping.

Under Construction  (New 3 part  series)
Order# CD Series 032

I am saved so why do I act so ugly?  Discover how you are in the midst of a transformation process that will carry you from new believer to MATURITY In Christ.  Cost of $18.00 includes shipping

What Moves You
Order# CD 028
Jesus was moved when he saw the multitudes!  Learn what should move you when you see the lost.  Cost of $6.00 includes shipping.

Don't Forget What You've God!
Order# CD 021
You have the same Spirit that raised Jesus in You! 
Is it time you released Him on the world? Cost of $6.00 includes shipping.

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