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Click  here to find out our vision and God's plan for Impact America Crusades.  See what the need is and how you can prayerfully get involved in the harvest with what God has called us to do with Impact America Crusades.

Jesus said Go to the world and preach good news!  As long as you keep sending us we will keep going!  Would you like to help send us? Click on our partnership page for details Thanks!

 What God has Done 

Testimonies of School of Evangelism Graduates

  • "Evangelism is the call of every Christian, not just the ones that preach, teach, or are on a payroll of a church.  Evangelism should be daily manifestations of the power of God in our life."
  • "Since I have read this book, and been in this class I have laid hands on more people praying for them than I used to.  I see a new vision for believers to lay hands on the sick."
  • "I am a soulwinner!  I am a witness for Jesus!  Witnessing is a lifestyle.  It's my assignment from God!   I am a carrier of God's glory!"
  • "I realized that is is not fair for me to keep sitting in the pew getting full and fat on the Word of God, and not take God's love to the people around me." "I realized many people in my own nation  had not heard the gospel." "In the past years I have been concerned with people of other nations, but this year the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me about people in the nation of America."

What Happened When we Launched Evangelism School in Our Local Church?

School of Evangelism graduates hit the streets on a monthly basis and began to lead people to Christ outside the four walls of the church building.  Initially God raised up ten teams which have ministered in bus stops, apartments, homes, streets, door to door and anywhere God sends them.  The teams averaged 50 or more souls per month and over 600 souls in the first year saved outside the walls of the church building.  Follow up with letter writing, and visitation took place and continues to take place to assist in making converts into disciples.  In the last ten years Agape School of Evangelism has now seen over 730 graduates in our home church, churches across the nation, and around the world.  We are stirring the church for harvest as they become involved in the great commission of going to the world to preach the gospel to every creature!

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